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Hi, everyone! :)
We wanted to quickly let you know that we expect to release new versions of the YouTube Video Backend + MP3 Converter Pro (https://shop.rajwebconsulting.com/store/converter-scripts) in the next 30 days! I.e., your wait is almost over, and we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this transitional period!
Ⓘ To celebrate the upcoming release, for a limited time, we're offering both new and existing customers the opportunity to take advantage of our Early Bird promotion! This sale provides a 20% discount off the purchase of a YouTube Video Backend Lifetime License, starts today, and runs through March 1, 2022. Customers must purchase the current product version (using coupon code EarlyBird20) while the sale lasts to receive their free upgrade to the new YouTube Video Backend version when it's released!
By now, you may already know that we are phasing out support for the YouTube-to-Mp3 (and more!) Converter software (https://rajwebconsulting.com/#yt2mp3), a.k.a. YTMC, in favor of these new products and product versions. In short: We started selling the YTMC in 2012, but we are no longer making enough money from this product's sales to justify spending the time and effort required to maintain it. The YTMC is especially difficult to maintain because of the number of video/audio sites that it supports, requiring a disproportionate amount of time and energy to keep it working (relative to our sales "profits").
So, with that being said, in the near future, we've decided to replace the YTMC with the YouTube Video Backend + MP3 Converter Pro -- adding "YTMC-like" features to these newer products (now, and in the future!) to ease the transition.
Existing/legacy customers who've previously purchased the YTMC are eligible for a discount off the new product versions OR any other, current product/service that we sell. To redeem your discount, please register a new account with us at https://shop.rajwebconsulting.com/register.php, open a new ticket from your account, and inquire about the promotion details. (In general, you should create an account to facilitate the application of your promotion, for new order fulfillment, and to ensure that you have continued, unrestricted access to all future product updates/fixes/new versions.)
In any case, we'll contact all existing YTMC customers (as well as existing YouTube Video Backend + MP3 Converter Pro customers!) by email when the new versions officially drop. This email will contain all details relevant to the upgrade.
FYI - To clarify, the new product versions are not "exactly" a direct upgrade or extension of the current product versions. Instead, we've entirely rebuilt the YouTube Video Backend + MP3 Converter Pro from the ground up, leveraging a "TALL stack" (i.e., Tailwind CSS, Alpine.JS, and the Laravel-Livewire PHP framework), to ultimately create a more powerful, more flexible, and generally better-quality product than its predecessors.
Here is a brief overview of some of the new features in the YouTube Video Backend + MP3 Converter Pro:
1.) MP3/Audio/Video download/conversion support for 10 of the most popular video/audio hosting sites in the world: YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, VK, and AOL.
2.) A password-protected (with optional Two-Factor Authentication capability) Admin interface that will enable you to do the following (and more) from the comfort of your browser:
• Configure global software and server settings
• Set translated website text for multiple languages
• Add your Google Analytics code and ad codes
3.) By leveraging Laravel Queues (https://laravel.com/docs/8.x/queues) for concurrent downloads/conversions, allocation of limited CPU resources can be better regulated. I.e., you can limit the number of simultaneous jobs in the queue in such a way that your server will never be overloaded!
4.) Video results from ALL supported websites (in addition to YouTube) are cached to minimize the number of requests to any given site source. Cached results can be saved to flat files or in an ultra-efficient, Redis (https://redis.io/), in-memory database.
5.) Without sacrificing Mp3/audio/video file download speed, new download/conversion progress bars update progress directly within the browser viewport (leveraging AJAX and Laravel Queues instead of native browser controls) to provide a more aesthetically pleasing and real-time indication of file download progress.
6.) Merged Video Streams (created by merging video- and audio-only tracks to generate the highest possible quality video) will now be available via the more common MP4 format/container instead of MKV.
7.) Download links are now fully encrypted and thus better protected against HTML scraping, preventing malevolent third parties from abusing your valuable server resources. Moreover, the absence of accessible download URLs also mitigates DMCA reports. I.e., no urls = no reports!
8.) While proxy IP support is still NOT required for YouTube, the optional use of a proxy IP is now possible for other supported video/audio hosting sites (other than YouTube) that may (eventually, with consistently high traffic) need such a feature to circumvent potential IP blocks and/or CAPTCHAs.
9.) And more!
Also, today, we're providing a special sneak preview of the new Frontend/Backend interfaces (just click on the images attached to this post to see more)!
Finally, it's worth reiterating: These products will remain ideally suited for supporting high traffic (especially in a multi-server, cluster configuration) because the YouTube Video Backend (via a single installation) only scrapes websites for video/audio download links while (one or more instances of) the MP3 Converter Pro consumes the Backend API and performs the actual downloads/conversions. I.e., this paradigm facilitates load balancing among multiple MP3 Converter Pro installations for high-traffic sites.
So, in conclusion, I hope I've helped to assuage any lingering concerns as well as inspire renewed confidence in this next phase of our business and product line. We're working overtime to make the new product versions ready for you, and we really can't wait to see what you think!
Thanks for hanging in there and for your ongoing interest in our products!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

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