Dear Customers,


Today, we released Version 3.1.2 of the YouTube Video Backend!


  • Added a function to bypass YouTube IP bans by refreshing IPv6 address every 2 hours. For this update to work, it is mandatory that you have a /64 IPv6 subnet configured on your server.

Updated Files

  • .env.example
  • app/Console/Commands/GenerateNewIPv6.php (new)
  • app/Console/Kernel.php
  • lib/Extractors/Youtube.php
  • lib/Extractors/YoutubeData.php
  • lib/BackendApp.php
  • lib/ProxyDownload.php
  • lib/Misc/BaseHandler.php (new)
  • lib/Misc/Generator.php (new)


Ensure you have IPv6 Configured and it's working. Please follow these instructionsHow To verify and Configure IPv6


Also, add these lines to the bottom of your current .env file:

# If enabled, all IPv6 addresses will automatically refresh every 2 hours.
# If you set this to true, make sure to also set APP_USE_IP_VERSION to 6.
# WARNING: If you're running both the Backend and MP3 Converter Pro (MCP) on the same server,
# then activate this feature only in the Backend, and keep it disabled in MCP. Just change APP_USE_IP_VERSION to 6 and APP_AUTO_RESTART_HORIZON to true in MCP.


Then, create a new Cron Job -- e.g., in aaPanel (Sidebar > Cron) -- as follows:

Type of Task:  Shell Script

Name of Task:  Backend Cron

Execution cycle:  N Hours  1  00

Script content:  php /www/wwwroot/ schedule:run


If you are already affected by a YouTube IP ban, noticeable by "Video not available" titles, then run this command in the Backend root dir once to change the IPv6 manually immediately.

php artisan generate:newIPv6


That's it!

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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