Dear Customers,


Today, we released Version 1.69 of the YouTube Media Converter! Notable changes include:


  • Added Dynamic IPv6 Generation feature to automatically generate and use a different, random IPv6 interface every X duration to circumvent temporary YouTube IP bans
  • Implemented various, minor fixes and refactoring of code


For this update to work, the following minimum requirements have changed:


  1. It is now mandatory that you have a /64 IPv6 subnet configured on your server.
  2. Shared Hosting plans are no longer supported due to Dynamic IPv6 Generation incompatibility.


To update from Version 1.68, just replace the updated files/folders on your Server or reinstall the full version from scratch.


Updated files/folders:



inc/scheduler.php  new!




lib/ipgen/BaseIpGenerator.php  new!

lib/ipgen/IpGenerator.php  new!

vendors/scheduler/  new!


Then, delete "store/setup.log", visit your homepage, and follow the prompts in the subsequent Config Check Utility to resolve new configuration issues in the "Recommended Settings...section.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

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