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Hey, everyone! 


We did it! We finally crossed the finished line, and new versions of both the YouTube Video Backend and MP3 Converter Pro (https://shop.rajwebconsulting.com/store/converter-scripts) are officially available for sale and/or download. Again, existing customers can download their Free upgrade now via their corresponding user accounts (https://shop.rajwebconsulting.com/clientarea.php). 


In general, please review our previous Facebook posts for additional context about the new release and versions:  





In the coming days, we'll further update our site and product demos to adequately and accurately reflect all changes. We'll also be sending emails to all existing, legacy "YouTube-to-Mp3 (and more!) Converter" customers regarding some exciting new promotions that they're now exclusively eligible for.


In the meantime, I will try to keep this post brief (because, frankly, I'm exhausted!). Nevertheless, despite the fatigue, we're swelling with pride, and we genuinely can't wait for you guys to start using the new product versions! As always, we sincerely appreciate your continued interest and support, and we look forward to this next chapter in our business endeavors.


Thank you, and enjoy!

Friday, March 18, 2022

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