Using YouTube login cookies to access restricted content

Use YouTube login cookies in the following scenarios:

  • You want to download age-restricted videos
  • YouTube downloads are not working because a login is required

Generate cookies manually as follows:

  1. Install this Chrome browser extension in Chrome, Edge, Opera, or any other Chromium-based browser.
    • Ideally, choose a browser that you don't use often.

  2. Using your chosen browser, log into your YouTube account.
    • Ideally, create a new YouTube account for only this purpose.
    • IMPORTANT: You should NEVER log out of your YouTube account in this browser! 

  3. Visit an age-restricted YouTube video (to ensure all login cookies are set).

  4. Update browser extension options to set cookie export format to Semicolon separated name=value pairs:

  5. Export all cookies and copy corresponding text to clipboard:


Add cookies to your product:

  • YouTube Video Backend
    1. Paste only the relevant part of the cookie string (from the browser extension) as indicated into storage/app/YouTube/software.json:

  • YouTube Media Converter
    1. Download "Update 20240614 for YouTube Media Converter v1.69" from your Client Area:

    2. Unzip the ZIP file and copy the extracted files to your installation as per the included
    3. Paste the full cookie string (from the browser extension) into store/ytcookies.txt

  • MP3 Converter
    1. Download the latest code from Envato and the latest YouTube Module code from the Module Shop
    2. Paste the full cookie string (from the browser extension) into store/ytcookies.txt


That's it!

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