How To install MP3 Converter Pro (v3.0.0) on aaPanel (recommended)




Server VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated (Get 20€ Free Cloud Server Credits)
Linux OS Debian 10 / Ubuntu 20.04
Web Panel aaPanel
Web Server Apache 2.4
Web Server Mods mod_rewrite (URL rewriting)
PHP 7.4, 8.1+
PHP Extensions ionCube Loader, cURL, fileinfo, redis
PHP Functions enabled putenv, exec, chown, pcntl_signal, pcntl_alarm, popen, proc_open, dl, apache_setenv
Database MySQL 8 / MariaDB 10.7
Conversion Software FFmpeg & FFprobe static build
Processes Control Supervisor
In-Memory Database / Cache Redis


1) In aaPanel, click on "Website" in the left-hand menu, and then click on your MP3ConverterPro Domain's Document Root directory value


2) Delete all automatically created files. (Ignore .user.ini, because it can't be deleted.)

3) Upload the "" distribution file (via Drag & Drop) and click Upload. After Successful Upload, close the Upload window.


4) Now, click on Terminal


5) Unpack the ZIP file on your Server, move files to the domain's web root directory, and delete temporary files/folders

sudo -u www unzip MP3ConverterPro-v3.*.*.zip && mv mp3converterpro/* mp3converterpro/.??* . && rm -rf mp3converterpro MP3ConverterPro-v3.*.*.zip



6) Install dependencies via Composer

sudo -u www composer install --no-dev



7) Generate .env Config file

sudo -u www cp .env.example .env


8) Generate unique APP Key

php artisan key:generate



9) Close the Terminal, click the Refresh Button (to the Right of the current directory path, e.g., Root dir > www > wwwroot > to see the extracted files/folders, open the .env file (Double-Click it), and edit your settings in the built-in editor

APP_NAME="MP3 Converter Pro"

# Your MySQL Database Login details here


# Cache your admin panel settings to reduce database overhead.

# Cache Driver can be "file" or "redis"

# If you want to use redis, set up your redis settings here.



10) Navigate to the "public" folder, open .user.ini, and change its content to:



11) Now, open the Terminal again, and Migrate and Seed Database

php artisan migrate --seed



12) In aaPanel, click on "Website" in the left-hand menu, click on your MP3 Converter Pro Domain (in the "Site name" column), go to Site Directory > Running directory, set the value to "/public", and click save


13) In aaPanel, click on "App Store" in the left-hand menu, click the "Installed" button at the top of the page, find "Supervisor" in the resulting list of software, click on its Settings, and configure Supervisor (for the Download Queue)

Name: MCP_Queue
Run User: www
Run Dir: /www/wwwroot/
Start Command: php artisan queue:work --sleep=3 --tries=1 --max-time=3600 --timeout=2000
Processes: NUMBER OF CPU THREADS (on your server) x 4 (e.g., 4 x 4 = 16)


14) In aaPanel, click on "Cron" in the left-hand menu, and then set up a Cron Job to delete old, cached files

Type of Task: Shell Script
Name of Task: Delete File Cache
Execution cycle: Hourly 30 Minute
Script content: php /www/wwwroot/ schedule:run

15) Navigate to the Admin Panel and log in with the following credentials:

Login: admin@admin

Password: 12345678

...Then click on the "admin" dropdown menu (at the top-right of page), select Profile, and update your Email and Password


16) In the Admin Panel, click on Settings, go to License Settings, add your Product License key, and then click the corresponding Save button. On the same page, go to Backend Settings, add your Backend URL and API key, and then click its corresponding Save button.


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