Features & Benefits

  • Consumes the YouTube Video Backend software, inheriting all of the benefits of the "Backend" software as well as providing a professional, polished front-end interface for performing YouTube downloads and conversions.
  • Leverages the power of FFmpeg to download/convert the following file formats for any given YouTube video:
    • Multiple MP3 qualities, up to 320kbps
    • Composite "video + audio" MP4 (does not require FFmpeg!)
    • Composite "video + audio" MKV and WEBM, up to 8k HDR
  • Optionally caches MP3s
    • Stores and reuses previously converted MP3 files, so that the same files aren't downloaded and converted over and over again. This ultimately results in a significant savings of resources (foremost, CPU and bandwidth) on your server!
    • MP3 files are only cached after the "nth" conversion of a given video ("n" is configurable), ensuring that only the "most popular" files are cached. This enables efficient use of available cache space and saves CPU (required to run FFmpeg) only where you most need it -- for popular videos!
  • Includes 3 ready-to-consume APis, that can each be enabled/disabled and their use restricted by IP/Domain, as needed:
    • JSON REST API that returns either MP3, MP4, or MKV/WEBM download links (see formats, above)
    • Button/Iframe API that returns download buttons for either MP3, MP4, or MKV/WEBM (see formats, above)
    • A Widget API that extends Button API download buttons by adding:
      • Video thumbnail image
      • Video title
      • The ability to toggle between available download formats (i.e., MP3, MP4, or MKV/WEBM) directly within the widget itself!
  • Enables you to use the software for website interface only, API(s) only, or both!
  • Enables users to download/convert one or more videos while another download/conversion is in progress.
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