How To install MP3 Converter Pro

This guide is for a previous version that is End of life and no longer supported.

Minimum Requirements:

YouTube Video Backend software
- Apache or Nginx
- URL Rewriting enabled
- PHP 7.2.5+* with IonCube Loader and cURL extension
- MySQL/MariaDB
FFmpeg Static Build
- cURL

Recommended Requirements:

YouTube Video Backend software
- Apache 2.4
- URL Rewriting enabled
- PHP 7.3 with IonCube Loader and cURL extension
- MySQL/MariaDB
FFmpeg Static Build
- cURL

* PHP 8.x not yet supported.

How to install MP3 Converter Pro Script?

1) Create a domain, e.g.,

2) Install "unzip" package via SSH:


apt-get install unzip


yum install unzip

3) Upload the Zip file in your domain Webroot directory and extract it via SSH:

unzip YouTube MP3 Converter Pro v2.*.*.zip

4) Delete the Zip file for Security Reasons

5) Create a Database (or use existing database from YouTube Video Backend software)

6) Open .env file and edit the following:

  • APP_URL=
  • DB_USERNAME=DB Username
  • DB_PASSWORD=DB Password

7) Open SSH and Navigate to Webroot directory, e.g.:

cd /www/wwwroot/

8) On a Plesk Server only, type the following command to determine the correct location of the PHP "CLI" (Command Line Interface) for your PHP version:

find /opt/plesk/php/*/bin/php

You should see output like this:

Use the correct, corresponding, full PHP path name instead of "php" for the commands executed in the next step!

9) Type these 2 Commands to Create the Database Table

php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed

You should see this output (instances of "ackey" in the screenshot will be replaced with "mp3pro" to avoid data collisions):

If you get this error, please read this Article: Enable putenv

10) Open app/Libraries/Config.php and Edit the following lines.

const _APP_LICENSE_KEY = "YOUR_SOFTWARE_LICENSE_KEY"; // Your product License Key received at the time of MP3 Converter Pro purchase
const _APPROOT = "/"; // Directory names must be preceded and followed by a '/'. A value of '/' indicates the web root directory.
const _FFMPEG_PATH = "/usr/bin/ffmpeg"; // Usually "/usr/bin/ffmpeg" or "/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg"

const _API_KEY = "YOUR_BACKEND_API_KEY"; // Enter your self-generated API key from "/app/Libraries/ApiControl.php" of the YouTube Video Backend software
const _APP_SECRET_KEY = "YOUR_APP_SECRET_KEY"; // Any random string
const _API_BACKEND_SERVER = ""; // Your YouTube Video Backend subdomain. Do NOT prepend with "http://"!
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