Introductory Promotion / Discount!

For New Customers Only!

I do recommend starting with a Lifetime License, after reviewing the Features & Benefits, and if you have the budget for it.

That said, if the price is a little much for you, I also recommend trying the plugin for 1 month for 10 euros. If you are not completely satisfied with the improved performance, and you're not completely convinced that AntiCaptcha will save you money in the future, then you can cancel after one month with no penalty. However, if you like the plugin (and we think you'll love it!), then you can upgrade to a lifetime license after one month -- and we'll even give you a 10 euro discount towards your lifetime license purchase! (This offer only applies after the first month, when paying monthly for the plugin.)

Just show us a link to this article, and we'll happily apply this promotion to your account!

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