Features & Benefits

  • You'll spend less money, long term.
    • No more monthly expense for Proxy IPs (for the purpose of IP Rotation)!
    • Instead of spending money on IPs, you are spending a fraction of that amount for the CAPTCHA solving service + a monthly or one-time fee for the "AntiCaptcha" plugin.
    • It costs less than a penny to solve a single CAPTCHA! The CAPTCHA recurs every ~1.5 hours after it is automatically solved via the plugin -- or approximately 16 times per day. Since each CAPTCHA solve (via Anti-Captcha.com) costs about 1/3 of a penny, that's roughly $.05/day or $1.50/mo! 
    • While the initial cost of the plugin's Lifetime License is higher (than what you'd pay for a single month of Anti-Captcha or 10 proxy IPs), the long-term savings are undeniable. I.e., spending more now is better than paying for more and more proxy IPs per month, indefinitely, as time passes and your traffic increases!
    • Pay the same amount for CAPTCHA solves, regardless of how much traffic you have! Scale up your website traffic into the hundreds of thousands (or even millions!), and you will always pay about the same amount.
  • Downloads are faster because you are leveraging the speed of the primary Server IP instead of slower proxy IPs.
    • Say goodbye to slower proxies! Your website visitors will thank you for faster download link generation and download speeds.
    • Downloads are only limited by the bandwidth/download speed of your Web Server!
  • Faster downloads means you can support more concurrent traffic.
    • The sooner a given download/conversion ends, the sooner you can free up server resources for more downloads/conversions!
  • Eradicates database overhead that is otherwise required for IP rotation
    • No more database queries to get the next IP in Rotation, for every download, translates into more server resources available where and when you need them most! 
    • I.e., more available resources for PHP and FFmpeg enable you to support more concurrent traffic.
  • Leverages "login" and "abuse" cookies stored on your server. (Yes, the same kind of cookies used in your browser!) These cookies enable your primary Server IP to send a nearly unlimited number of YouTube requests before the cookies expire -- because the cookies are bound by set time limits and not necessarily the number of YouTube requests!
  • Optionally solves Google Drive CAPTCHAs in addition to YouTube CAPTCHAs! Google Drive support is currently experimental and disabled by default.
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