How to install the YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter "Anti-Captcha Plugin"


Installation Instructions

  1. Ensure that the YouTube-to-Mp3 (and more!) Converter is uploaded to your server.

  2. Unzip the Anti-Captcha Plugin and upload the "AntiCaptcha" folder to the "/vendors" directory.

  3. Open "/vendors/AntiCaptcha/lib/Config.php" and configure the constant values as per the code comments.
    • _ANTICAPTCHA_LICENSE_KEY is the license key given to you at the time of Plugin purchase
    • _ANTI_CAPTCHA_API_KEY is your API key
    • _APP_PROXY_IP is your Server IP
    • _APP_PROXY_PORT is "3128" (for Squid Proxy)

  4. Locate and open "ackey.sql" in "/vendors/AntiCaptcha/docs".
    • Ensure that the Database login info is set correctly in "/lib/Config.php", i.e.:
    • Open the Database indicated by the _DATABASE value and Execute the SQL code in "ackey.sql" via phpMyAdmin (or a similar MySQL/MariaDB UI) or the MySQL command line

  5. Edit the following values in "/lib/Config.php":
    • Ensure _SITEDOMAIN is set to, e.g., ""!
    • Remove the "//" that prepends 'AntiCaptcha' in the $_plugins array, i.e.:
    • Set _ENABLE_IP_ROTATION to false

  6. Set permissions of the "/vendors/AntiCaptcha/storage" folder to CHMOD 0777, and Set permissions of "/vendors/AntiCaptcha/cronjob.php" to CHMOD 0755.

  7. Create the YouTube "login" cookie file.

    • Install this Chrome Extension in your Browser: "Get Cookies.txt"

      • To avoid invalidating the resulting cookie file by inadvertently logging out of YouTube (which will "break" your website), consider installing this extension in a little-used browser like Opera instead of Chrome.
      • In Opera, you must install this extension (to enable the installation of Chrome Extensions in Opera) before installing the Chrome "Get Cookies.txt" extension.

    • Navigate to in your Browser and log out if you are currently logged in.

    • Login in to your YouTube Account. 

    • Important!!: Never sign out of YouTube, in this Browser, because this will invalidate the "login" cookie file (and subsequently "break" your website)!

    • Click on the "Get Cookies.txt" Extension icon, Click the "Export" button, and Save the cookie file to your PC, i.e.:

    • Open this file, Copy all file content, Paste it into "/vendors/AntiCaptcha/storage/YouTube/login_cookie.txt", and Save "login_cookie.txt".

  8. Optionally enable CAPTCHA solves for Google Drive and create the Google Drive "login" cookie file.

    • Note: Google Drive support is still experimental!

    • Open "/vendors/AntiCaptcha/lib/Config.php" and Remove the "//" that prepends 'GoogleDrive' in the $_supportedSites array, i.e.:

    • Using a different browser (e.g., Edge and the "Get cookies.txt" add-on for Edge), navigate to instead of, and repeat the same instructions in Step #7 (of this list) for Google Drive (substituting every instance of and YouTube with and GoogleDrive, respectively).

  9. Create a Cron job (via SSH or aaPanel) and schedule it to run Every Minute.

    • Via SSH:

      • Type the following command in console: 

        • crontab -e
      • Arrow down to the bottom and Add this line:

        • */1 * * * * php -q /FULL/PATH/TO/vendors/AntiCaptcha/cronjob.php >> /FULL/PATH/TO/vendors/AntiCaptcha/storage/cron.log
      • Type Ctrl-X and then "Y" to save the file.

    • Via aaPanel:

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