Features & Benefits

  • Fully supports the extraction of all available video and audio formats from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, Twitch, Vimeo, Dailymotion, VK, and AOL -- 11 of the largest video/audio hosting sites in the world!
  • Does not require FFmpeg, because the "Backend" software only performs download URL extraction and YouTube.com search scraping!
    • FFmpeg is only used in the application that consumes the "Backend" software. E.g., the MP3 Converter Pro, our recommended "consuming application", does require FFmpeg.
  • Exposes API endpoints that are consumed via 1) the MP3 Converter Pro or 2) any other, custom application. 
    • The "video info" endpoint returns ALL available "direct" download links for a given video (for any supported video/audio hosting site), via a single HTTP POST request, in JSON format. I.e., the following information is returned:
      • non-DASH video (composite video + audio) download links
      • DASH audio (audio-only formats, excluding MP3) download links
      • DASH video (video-only formats) download links
      • Also returns video title, duration, and format/extension for each available download link
    • The "search" endpoint returns YouTube video search results, via one or more HTTP POST requests, in JSON format.
      • A "nextPageToken" value, returned in each JSON response, and when included in subsequent requests to the API search endpoint (using the same search term), enables you to retrieve additional pages of search results for a given search query.
      • YouTube search results do NOT leverage the YouTube Data API! Instead, search results are procured via YouTube.com search scraping. This enables you to completely avoid the inherent limitations and quota associated with YouTube Data API keys!
  • Employs a system of self-generated API keys that enables different websites to use different API keys
    • Each API key can further be restricted to a specific IP or IPs
  • Features a sleek, user-friendly, admin interface that facilitates API key management, product license management, and product update notifications.
  • Caches API responses to minimize the number of requests to supported video/audio hosting sites. Cached results can be saved to flat files or in an ultra-efficient, in-memory, Redis database.
  • Bypasses YouTube reCAPTCHAs to effectively circumvent HTTP 429 responses and temporary IP bans (via our proprietary code solution).
  • In a multi-server, cluster configuration, the "Backend" software only needs to be installed on one server.
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