How To install ionCube Loader

In aaPanel:

1) Open aaPanel and go to App Store > Installed > PHP (The version you've installed) > Settings

2) Click on Install extensions and Install ionCube

3) Go to App Store > Installed > PHP (The version you've installed) > Settings, click on Service, and then click the Restart button to restart PHP


Using the Loader Wizard:

1) Alternatively, or if you have issues with the IonCube Loader (after aaPanel installation), navigate to this page and download the Loader Wizard ZIP file.

2) Unzip the file, locate the PHP file, upload only this file to your server, and visit the file in a browser.

3) In the browser, follow the prompts to install and/or repair IonCube Loader.

  • If you see browser output similar to the following, then download the linked ZIP file, unzip the file, and find the .so file that corresponds to your PHP version:
  • E.g., if you are running PHP 7.3, then look for

  • In aaPanel, go to App Store > PHP-7.3 Setting > Configuration file, scroll to the bottom of the file, and look for the zend_extension directive. This setting's value (highlighted in yellow below) is the absolute file path where you should upload

  • Navigate to the indicated file path, and upload (replacing any existing file with the same name).

  • Restart PHP:

  • Return to your browser and refresh the page. You should now see output similar to the following:
  • If you do, then ionCube Loader is successfully installed!
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